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OVERVIEW is a dedicated, enterprise-funded server running Adobe Media Server capable of streaming pre-produced media and live video and audio streams. Open to agency customers. Capable to streaming to all client devices. In production.

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Streaming video plays as soon as it is requested; media file does not need to download in entirety before starting to play, not saved to user computer
Support for H.264 MP4 video that maintains highest quality at low stream bitrate. (CIO advisory of 4/9/09 sets H.264 MP4 as state standard)
Flash Player web browser plug-in can play stream, thus video player can be embedded and run direct in web page, no standalone player needed
Accessibility support for closed captioning and noscript, security features like media play restricted to allowed domains and available encryption
Live streaming available - customer installs the free Adobe Live Media Encoder software on a computer connected to camera or microphone, then the Live Encoder sends a stream to server which can be accessed via normal methods like Flash Player .swf file embedded in web page.

What is included in service

Hosting of the media files - customers send files to ITSD staff who set up streaming instance and provide the links to be worked into customers' client applications. ne hour of basic support on general info like media format requirements and streaming basics.
Example player code samples of the third-party JWPlayer - a combination Flash/HTML5 player that can is licensed to remove the vendor watermark and can stream to devices. Direct edits in HTML page code can embed the player

What is not included

No video production services - media files must come to server ready to stream.
No video player building work past basic explanations and code samples, unless customer contracts with ITSD for this additional service.

Streaming Media Service Examples on state websites

On-demand streaming (existing media files) Interactive Media

Live streaming

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